We are an academic journal produced by the students of Brigham Young University. Our mission is to increase the amount and the accessibility of linguistic scholarship—especially for those without graduate school experience—while simultaneously training editors and designers in the ways of modern publishing.

A new issue is published every semester and made available in our library. Some of our articles are strictly theoretical and academic. Others are less technical and more personal in nature. Experiments, surveys, corpus analyses, and essays are all acceptable.

We have published on all the following subdisciplines of linguistics and more:
Phonetics, the perception and production of speech sounds.
Phonology, the system of speech sounds used in a given context.
Semantics, the meaning constructs of words and sentences.
Syntax, the structure of permissible and meaningful sentences.
Pragmatics, the real-world use of language and other speech-related actions.
Sociolinguistics, the variation of language based on sociological factors.
Psycholinguistics, the cognitive tasks necessary for language.
Fieldwork, notes or reports from living in a community speaking a foreign language.
Forensics, the role of language in the creating of and carrying out the law.

We are always accepting submissions. Papers on any language are welcome, including cross-linguistic studies, but papers must be written in English.

To obtain a high standard of quality, our staff includes both editors and graphic designers. We extend an open invitation for new staff members.