Issue 13

Fall 2015









2015 Fall Title Page



Language and Power for Postcolonial Authors
Emily Cummings

How Second Language English Learners Interpret Sarcasm in English: A Survey
Jack Dolan

Dialects and Perceptions of Humor: Dialectical Stereotypes
Miranda Hiebert

The Races of the Rings: Cultural Values Exhibited in the Poetry of Middle-earth
T’shara Keil

The Syntactic Pair Heaven and Earth in Nineteenth-Century Literature
Caroline Bliss Larsen

Toward Orthography: The Textualization of Swiss German
Yiwei Luo

Character Names in John Green and J. K. Rowling: A Comparison of Contemporary Novelists
Faith Sutherlin

Gratitude Expressions in Different Bible Translations
Nick Totten

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