We are always eager to have more help with editing and with graphic design, even if you have no prior experience whatsoever. Our meetings are held Tuesdays at 6 pm in 4035 JKB. If that time doesn’t fit with your schedule, we can work through email.

New editors are always welcome. We follow The Chicago Manual of Style, with an in-house style guide as a supplement. Both of these documents will be made available to you as a staff editor. Even if you have never had formal (or informal) editing experience before, we are happy to have your help. You will receive feedback on your edits to help you grow.

Graphic designers—aspiring or experienced—constitute the other team on our staff. We typeset and publish our articles in Adobe InDesign, which is installed on our campus computers. Our design team makes basic but crucial decisions on everything from body text to cover art. These contribute to the visual quality of our issues.

Leadership positions in Schwa are very attainable for those who are committed to the success of the journal. New assignments are made as needed at the end of each semester. And contributing as a staff member does not prohibit contributing an article for publication.

We always hope for a semester-long commitment from our staff members, but we understand if your schedule simply does not permit such a commitment. Any help in furthering our mission will be very much appreciated.