Issue 15
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2017 Fall





The Ballad of the Three Linguists

Joshua Sims

Cacophony on a Wednesday Afternoon

Daniel Daw

Shall Earth Desire to Hear Me

Daniel Daw

A Poem

Forrest Markham

No Compromise

Jane Christensen


Katie Fastabend

She Became Another Building, Broken Open

Kelly Burdick

Star-Scintillated Showers

Kelly Burdick

The Oarsman’s Lament

Kelly Burdick

After the Carol

M. Anthony C.


The Visigoths and the Spanish Language

Aaron Snow

i Before e Except After c

Amy Johnson

Descriptivism vs. Prescriptivism: Freedom of Speech in the 21st Century

Ashley Harris

“Look at Mommy!”: Complex Deictic Pronouns in Baby Talk

Aspen Stander

Punctuation: A Battle between Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, and John Gilbert

Breanna Call Herbert

Say It Ain’t a Problem: Keeping Ain’t Alive

Christina F. Crosland

Slow Down, It’s Not a Race . . . Or Is It?

Christinah Mulder

Introducing Lummy Deadlongs: Extrinsic Characteristics of Successful Literary Neologisms in English

Elizabeth Hanks

Should MALL Stay or Should MALL Go: Why Secondary Mobile-Assisted Language Learning in Primary and Secondary Schools Should Not Be Dismissed

Haylee Jameson

Language Contact and Attestation Gap of Old Norse Lexemes

Kevin Zalewski

Kate DiCamillo’s Perfect Resolutions

Makayla Okamura

Sound Symbolism in the Armenian Language

Micah Wood