Issue 10


Gender Differences in Intensifying Modifiers: So, Very, Really, and Pretty
Olivia Corey

Technology’s Effects on British Spellings in America and American Spellings in Britain
Bethany Hailstone

Perpetuating Accent Biases in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings
Jonathan Jibson

Convincing (Or Should I Say “Persuading”?) Writers to Follow Rules: Rhetoric in Garner’s and Fowler’s Usage Manuals
Jordan Jones

A Prescriptive Addiction: How I Became a Descriptivist
Mark Melville

Stringy Long Big Adjectives: Attributive Adjective Order, ESL Students, and Writing Tutors
Jain Willis

Putting the K in K-Pop: Korean or Konglish Pop Music?
Jain Willis


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