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The Syntax of Plot Frames in Storytelling, Alan Manning

The Acceptability of Linguistic Back-Formations, Brooke Barton

Could Watson Pass the Turing Test?, Coleman Bonham

Are Spanish and Portuguese Really Mutually Intelligible? Tom Call

Voice and Referential Scope, Logan Cicotte

Hedging in the Courtroom, Matthew LeGare and Candace Firl

Peircean Thirdness and Text Linguistics: The Effect of Sense-Lines on Coherence and Comprehension, Stetson Robinson

How Aibileen Be: A Lingusitic Analysis of Kathryn Stockett’s Use of Black Vernacular English in The Help, Michael Wyatt

Understanding Faith as an Ontological Metaphor, Rachel Clawson

The Nonnative Speaker’s Challenge: Multiword Verbs, Katie Cutler

In Other Words: Understanding the Shakespearean Dialect, Claire Ford

Self-Help Book Conversation: Is It Cooperative and Realistic? Hillary Mousley