Issue 25

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Fall 2021







A Review of the Effects of Revitalization Efforts on Alaskan Native Communities
Sarah Carlon

If It Was the Subjunctive, Would It Be Wrong?
Stacey Clark

The Use of Singular They in Professional Writing
Savannah Taylor

A Syntactical Analysis of Sentence Fragments in No Country for Old Men and Ulysses
Simon Laraway

Code-Switching in Foreign Language Classes
Kiersten Meyer

Modality in the Writing of Virginia Woolf
Abbigail Clark

Innate Simplification Processes as Seen in Hawaiian Creole and Bileez Kriol
Addison Mangum

Double Negation: Comparing the Weak Positive and Negative Concord
Taylor Bitton

Parents, Power, and Impoliteness: A Linguistic Analysis of the Increasing Impoliteness in Disney Animated Films
Kyli Ockey