Have you ever written a paper on language ? Consider submitting it to Schwa for publication. Having an article published looks terrific on a résumé, especially when you can send an actual hyperlink for that article. It is our objective to help you.

We publish one issue per semester. We do our best to publish technical articles as well as more accessible papers. The number of articles we can publish per issue is only limited by the number of our staff members. Even if your paper is not accepted immediately, we can hold it for later publication.

After you submit your paper to Schwa, it will remain in our submissions bank until the beginning of BYU’s next semester. Our staff will review all new submissions at that time. If your paper is accepted, you can expect in-depth copyediting and basic substantive or developmental editing. We will send you a hyperlink to your article once the issue has been published.


  • For example, list course and professor.
  • Max. file size: 5 MB.