Issue 18

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2018 Winter


Words of Many Meanings: Public Perception of Contranyms
Elizabeth Jackson

“. . . Wouldn’t You Say?”: The Linguistic Reinforcement of the Rape Myth in the Courtroom
Aspen Stander

Dwarves vs. Dwarfs: Irregular Plurals in Everyday English
Jessica Strong

Metalinguistic Labeling of Illocutionary Speech Acts and Intralingual Misunderstanding
Elizabeth Hanks

Voiceless “Th”: Evidence for Prepositions as an Open-Class
Barrett Hamp

Learning Life in Two Languages
Abby Pattee

Prepared and Confident
Emily Cook

The Irregular Past Tense
Kelly Bowden

A Modest Proposal for preventing the English language from being a burden to its speakers or writers, and for making it beneficial to the public.
Cynthia Merrill

The Double Comparative: A More Better Use of the English Language
Mary Morton

Icelandic Does Not Belong in the “Latin Bin”
Sarah Carlson