Issue 22

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More Than the Sum of Words: Altered Syntax Explored in
Two Poetic Examples
Rebecca McKee

To Each His (or Her or Their) Own: Reader Preferences for
Gender-Neutral Language Options
Brooke James

A Character by Any Other Name: Sound Symbolism and
Character Traits
Hannah Johnson

The Value of “the Other”
Rachel Hulet

An Investigation into the Utah Card-Cord Merger
Kennadie Halliday

Gender Neutrality in Language Over Time: Understanding
Shifts in Socio-Culture Bias and Language Adaptation
John Sharman

Productivity of Borrowed Suffix -ing in French
Sonja Mecham

The Post-Date Text: A New Social Script
Cody Daniels

Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama: An Investigation
of Speech and Style
Erica Bassett