Issue 16


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2017 Winter







The Majority Rules: In Defense of the Singular They
Amanda Collyer

Book Review: William Tyndale: A Biography
Leah Barton

A View of Dialects in the Popular Timepiece T.V. Show Poldark
Emmie Cannon

Language and Gender Habits: Portrayal in Television
Breanna Herbert

Yorkshire English in Georgette Heyer’s The Unknown Ajax
Heather Johnson

May I vs. Can I: Grammar and Usage Change
Megan Judd

Corrective Feedback Review: Which type is best for low-proficiency L2 learners?
Jessica Neilson

Spatial Stories in Roman War Rituals
Sarah Keenan

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: A Great Book for Language Nerds Everywhere
Kayla Shields

Differences in Relative Pronouns in the Bible and the Book of Mormon
Michelle Turner

The Importance of Preserving Linguistic Diversity
Kira van Dyk

Structural and Lexical Ambiguities in Hobby Board Games
Jordan Wheeler